High-Waisted Jeans Struggles

2:37 PM Imke 34 Comments

All my life I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans, but evertime there was some trouble with the size. As I’m an hourglass kind of gal either the jeans are too loose on the waist & good on the thighs or no way getting them over my thighs if I get a smaller size. There seemed to be no way in between. 

When I ordered this black gem on ASOS I was prepared to send them back straight away, as high-waisted jeans just didn’t seem to be made for me. But when I slipped these Missguided jeans on, holy moly, they are utter perfection. They are super stretch so the comfort level is very high and it fits just as well on the hips as on the waist. Also I love the fact that they’re flared, they make me feel like such a nineties kid (which I am, honestly). 

Also : mayor sale. Get ‘m while you can girls, and you can die happy owning a pair of cheap stretch jeans that are so bloody comfortable you could sleep in them. I threw on my favourite striped crop top and my monochrome Jonak shoes and felt so good in this outfit. And that girls, feeling good, pretty and comfortable in an outfit, is utter bliss.


Do you own any high-waised jeans? Where do you get them? I’m sensing the beginning of an addiction here!

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