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I've always been a great fan of classic rock, with a hint of metal at times, but my style has always been very pink, feminine, with lots of frills, always wearing a cute little blouse instead of a large-cut shirt. Ever since living in London two years ago my style has switched more to the "dark side", adding leather, fish nets, large shirts and tartan to my wardrobe, and I've also found myself being obsessed with band shirts. Good thing they're very popular at the moment, which allows me to expand my band shirt collection. However, I still get the side-eye whenever wearing one of my band shirts...

When wearing my Rolling Stones shirt, someone tried to put me on the spot saying "Oh they're so good live, assuming you've seen them live?", hoping to find me blushing and stuttering admitting never seeing them live. Loved seeing their face upon replying "Oh yes I did, loved seeing them live and performing my all-time favourite Jumping Jack Flash". Or better, when wearing my Iron Maiden shirt, a guy saying to his friend "Bet she doesn't know a single song haha" and me whispering "Killer, behind you" shut me them up quite effectively. Guys, just because I'm working in fashion, doesn't mean I fit perfectly in that stereotype box of girls wearing a Nirvana shirt without knowing who Kurt Cobain is. 

How about you girls? Any of you have had any similar experiences? What's your take on band shirts; a trend to be kept far away from a feminine wardrobe or a cool touch to your outfit? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Loving how you styled that! And I definitely hate when people assume you're wearing a band shirt for the heck of it....and that you don't actually love and support the band. Happens to me all the time. This outfit is amazing!

  2. Very nice shirt, great art and style. You look like a superstar!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  3. Amazing outfit!
    I really like the band shirt. :)
    xx, Anna Lea

  4. Love love love this look! Annoying how people make assumptions, I had the same experience with a Pink Floyd t shirt.. You look badass <3

    // xx

  5. What a fun T-shirt.

  6. Really love your outfit especially the tee!

  7. Super cool total look, so great

  8. Such a cool look. I'm so in love with your bag :)

  9. Molto carini questi short:) Kiss!! VLifestyle

  10. Haha love your comebacks, can't put everyone into stereotypes. Looking good!

  11. Lovely photos ❀

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    * Gamiss Review *

  12. Love this outfit! So fierce with the tee to the pants, love the edgy vibe! Have a lovely week gorgeous! Xx

  13. Looking like the epitome of the badass babe you are gorgeous Imke! So sorry to hear about that ignorant tosspot trying to belittle you, some people really go out of their way to be d-heads don't they? You go GIRL (times a trillion) for showing him what a boss babe you are ;) Bet Jagger would be complimenting you on how cool and edgy you look in the tee if he saw you for himself too (who knows maybe he reads your beaut blog? He should!) Slaying so hard as per, love how tough and cutting edge this look is while all the while oozing a street, upbeat vibe to it. Can't get over how cute your bag is, the flares are fantastic and the boots are beaut. Couldn't love your style more if I tried girl! <3

    I've always hated those people that moan when people wear band tees and judge unnecessarily. I must confess I wore a Pink Floyd tee once without knowing much about them (it was pink, nuff said right?) the only other ones I wear are Tupac and Spike Lee so I guess in my defence I class Tupac as my hero and watch Spike Lee movies like they're going out of style ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  14. I love band tees, they look so cool especially if the band is as legendary as The Stones! Thanks for sharing, gorgeous photos xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  15. So trendy look!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  16. Hope they work great for you :) x Sounds like you got some really great results! You will like to see more fashion from here.

  17. Love this look! I honestly dont understand why people wear t-shirts of bands they dont even know or like... it is so weird!


    Novelstyle Blog

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