Saturday Night Fever

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Happy Friday! Who's going out tomorrow night? If so, here's a post that might inspire you for your Saturday Night make-up. If you're chilling at home, no judgement, as I'll be chilling with my best friends back at home (thank you Bank Holiday!), just keep it for another time, when you have a party / event / or just feel like wearing some make-up!

Here I am, attempting to write about beauty. I used to be completely bare-faced on all my blog photos back in the beginning of this blog (for mayor throwbacks click here, here & here), but living together with a MUA in Ghent, and interning on the Chanel PR department, where I was surrounded by the newest make-up collections everyday, made me very interested in beauty as well. I'll never be the kind of girl going for full-on make-up everyday (the art of foundation is still a big secret to me), but on occassions I do enjoy going all the way, for example on a Saturday night out in the city.

I'm planning on doing a blogpost about my daily-life make-up routine too, but as this is a rather basic mascara-blush-lipstick routine, I decided to start with a more exciting make-up style. Winged eyeliner, bold lipstick, dark nails, blush and a touch of nineties with a black choker. Tone down with a little black dress, pull your hair in a high ponytail, put on your dancing shoes and you're ready to hit town!

Eyeliner & mascara

A winged makes me feel like a lady instantly, and as I'm usually running late in the morning, I save this look for the weekend. And of course add mascara, because what's a beautiful eyeliner wing without mascara? That's like having a burger without the bun. Eyeliner is Ecriture de Chanel, a very precise liquid eyeliner that lasts very long, and mascara is Le Volume de Chanel, in black, and waterproof. I always go waterproof, because you never know when it will rain, or when you'll cry, either from laughter of from losing your phone/wallet/friends.


I used to think that blush was just for adding life to your face for when you were wearing a thick layer of foundation that hid your natural blush, but during my internship, I learned that it's not just for that. Blush highlights your cheekbones, and when discovering I actually have quite good cheekbones, I quickly picked up the blush palette, and got complimented by many people about my cheekbones, which had never happened before. Ever since, I feel naked without blush, like my face lost its shape, so this perfect pink Chanel blush is really a musthave I can't live without!


Moving to the UK meant leaving my nailpolish collection behind, as I flew here, and didn't want to risk my bottles of polish ruining any clothes. But if I don't wear nailpolish, I bite my nails, so when going to Superdrug, I discovered the brand Make Up Academy, which sells many make-up essentials for low prices, like their little nailpolish bottles, at £1 each. I picked up a black, red and nude one, and the quality honestly amazes me. It covers very well, and stays for one week, without any chips! Very happy about these polishes! 


There will soon be a review online about this lipstick,  but let me tell you already that it's amazing. I'm a big fan of MAC lipsticks, especially their matte ones, as they seem to last forever, and the matte finish is just amazing. This one's Sin, from the Toledo collection. Amazing packaging, and beautiful colour that's perfect for a night out - but to be honest, I've worn it to the office already too, as this very dark lipstick instantly adds a vampy side to your outfit!

I hope you like this kind of post, and that you like this make-up look. What's your signature look for a night out? Let me know if you have any questions about my make-up, and let me know what you think! Should I share posts like this more often?

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