Giveaway Results

12:12 PM Imke 42 Comments

I proudly announce the winners of my give-away in this blogpost! It's unbelievable how many people participated, thank you so much my lovely readers! These are the winners of the give-away:
  • Adriana Morales
  • Samantha Tedesco 
  • Lyndsay Rullman
  • Kathy Pease
  • Susan Moaks
  • Lieschen
  • Mona Zavala
  • Vanessa Martinez 
  • Skye Kumi 
  • Renee Walters
All of you will be contacted by Alice from DinoDirect and she will give you the details about how to receive the dress. Thank you again for participating!

Furthermore, today is my very first competitive volleyball match! I look forward to it, and I really hope we win! Think of me this afternoon... In honor of the first match, I dug up something from my closet I rarely wear: my mint-green tights. As the weather is quite good to day (in  Belgian terms), I paired it with white, to make it a light look. 

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