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New month, new everything. I'm trying to find new combinations with the pieces that are in my closet, but it's getting quite hard... Which means I'll have to get new clothes. I've been strolling around online shops for some new things, and I found out that Modocat has updated its site structure, it's something I haven't seen before, go take a look for yourself! You can pick by a city's style, and as you all know, I'm a huge London fan. There's one particular piece I fell in love with immediately, and they are the studded loafers. Don't you love them as well? I love spikes, and loafers are the most comfortable shoes ever, so I'm hoping they'll be in in my size very soon, as they're amazing. And I spotted some lovely lita's as well. I discovered them quite some time ago, and I decided I need to get black lita's, preferably with spikes before the start of winter. But before I do so, here is the OOTD, wearing my Material Girl dress I got from my best friend, combined with yellow, because I felt like doing so. Now I'm going to drink some tea, because I went swimming with my volleyball teammates today, and it was so freaking cold that I still need to drink nothing but tea and soup in order to get warm, even though the weather is lovely right now. Oh, and I've some other lovely news for you! Modocat offered me a special discount code I can share with you, so you can save up to 60%! You can enter the code 'admirablypretty' when you buy something, like these pretty loafers! 

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