Happy Dress

12:57 PM Imke 40 Comments

Back to school for secondary school kids, and another three weeks of holiday to go for me! I told you about new month, new clothes, and I think this dress counts as new, as I've worn it only once before in the two years I've had it. I never was sure about the way this dress is cut, but today I woke up happy and ate some cookie dough, and I felt like wearing a happy dress. And yes, I like eating cookie dough raw, it's like a healthier version of the B&J ice-cream, you can find a recipe here. But beware, you can only eat one or two spoons of it and you're full. Nevertheless, you should try it, it's perfect to eat while reading girlish books. I'm nearly finished with Summer & The City, after that I'll read the newest Lying Game book, and today I bought The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, and I'm looking forward to reading that masterpiece. And to those who don't know the Lying Game books by Sara Shepard: must-read! So addictive and innovative and simply amazing! I love the story-line, and no, it's not like the series. Have a lovely day! 

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