Emmy Wieleman

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Hello my lovely readers! Don't you love my new purse? I really like its colour and vintage style, and I think it suits so many outfits. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours for this winter. Also, I went out for a little shopping with my Mum today, they had quite a lot of lovely stuff! I bought one amazing sweater at Hollister. I don't really know how to describe it, besides telling you it's gray, so I guess you will see it in an outfit post very soon! I'm very happy with it and I want to cuddle with it. I had a lovely day, one of the last times I'll be able to relax all day, as school starts again next week. Now I'm going to cuddle with my lovely cat Jef, don't you love cuddling?

Dress - InWear
Purse - Emmy Wieleman

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