What to do in London? Eat!

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My wonderful adventure in London has come to its end, and even though I had the most amazing time here, and learned so much interning at Mary Katrantzou, I look forward spending the summer back in Belgium with my family, friend and boyfriend, whom I've all missed so much, as I've been living abroad for a year and a half now. My internship was so interesting, and learned me so much about so many things, and I couldn't be more lucky and grateful to have been able to do this. It also allowed me to spend 6 months in a city I literally dreamed of when I was younger. I could never have imagined actually living and working here, but still, this dream came true, and it's something I will carry with me forever. 

After living in the UK's capital for six months, here's my to-go spots in London. Some you might already know, some you might never have heard of. If you're going to London anytime soon, I hope this post will help you, and feel free to send me some tips too, as I'm not planning on turning my back on this city completely. London, you've been wonderful, and remember, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life".

To make this post not endlessly long, I'm going to split this up in different categories and spread the posts a bit - even though London is amazing, overload is too much, so here we go for category one: FOOD. Because you literally can't go without, so why not go to a nice place instead of quick bite at McDonald's or Prêt-A-Manger? Here's my food recommandations! Let me know if you have more!

Camden Lock Market

For a quick bite in dodgy, yet trendy Camden, go to the food part of the famous Camden Lock Market. I promise you you won't be dissappointed for the massive range of food offered there, literally from all over the world. Name it, they have it. It tends to get massively crowded, so I recommend you to take your food with you to Regent's Canal and have an improvised pick-nick by the water. And do go for lunch to avoid dissappointment because the nice food part closes around five. There's always another food court, but it's only not-so-amazing Asian food and one pizza place, so try going there around lunchtime.

Meat Mission

They have several locations throughout London, with different names, but meat is the keyword here. be prepared for one of the biggest and best burgers of your life in a very cool atmosphere. And share a side of fries, because honestly, they're amazing - and being Belgian, I can know! I had the bacon & cheese meat burger (it was 4 o'clock, hadn't had lunch and breakfast was a yoghurt, so you can guess I was up for a big fat burger), and my friend went for chicken & cheese. Honestly one of the best burger's I've had, at a very fair price! Must-go if you're on a meat mission and craving something good, big and heavy!

Franco Manca

When your Italian flatmate says "This place has the best pizza in town!", you believe him, because Italians know best when it comes to pizza. The staff is Italian too, and so are their espressos and amazing sourdough pizza. Trust me, you can't go wrong with this one - the queue is totally worth it! With different locations throughout London, this is my favourite place for a good, big, fresh and tasty pizza at a very good price! Pretend to be Italian, and have an espresso after - they're very strong but very good! I let my Italian friend order my pizza when going there for lunch, most of the time I didn't have a clue what was going on with all the Italian chattering between my friend and the staff, but I've never been disappointed. Close your eyes and it's almost like you're in Italy.

picture: not mine

Honest Burgers

No-one loves queuing as much as the English. Any trendy place you go in Soho, no matter whether it's a working day or the weekend, there will be a queue. Some places aren't worth the wait, but Honest Burgers is. Honestly. Amazing burgers, served with rosemary chips, which on its own are worth a trip down Soho/Portobello/Camden/Brixton/many more. You see, they're spread across London, so no excuses for not going down there for an amazing burger experience. Whereas famous burger joint Byron is spread across London too (they seem to be popping up everywhere), this one doesn't have that we're-a-chain-so-hurry-up-we-need-your-table vibe Byron has. Defenitely one of my favourite places for a filling dinner before going to the pub!

The Breakfast Club

For those who love breakfast as much as I do, this is the place to go - they serve breakfast all day every day, and offer a wide range, for those who can't digest full English in the morning. If you can, go during the week, and don't go to late, otherwise you'll find yourself in a huge queue which takes about 2 hours, and you could faint by the time you can finally have your amazing brunch. And remember, if Russell Brand can go there to cure his hang-over, so can you.

picture: not mine


Let's end with a healthy one. If you're up for amazing ramen (which is Japanese noodles soup) at a fair price, go to Tonkotsu. I went to the one on Dean Street (click here for other locations), and I really enjoyed it. My Asian friend recommended the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen, with a side of  Edamame beans. Honestly, it's delicious - filling, healthy and simply yummy.

So, you hungry yet? Please let me know if you have any other recommendations! 

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  1. Looking amazing!
    Have a great evening!
    Angela Donava

  2. Ik krijg serieus honger van die foto's! Fijne tips!

  3. So tasty shots! Ahhhh <3 <3 <3


  4. Looks so delicious and great post and article.
    Have a great time.Kisses xoxo


  5. Omg food in London is so tasty! Want to go there again and eat it myself :)) great post! Have a nice day x

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  6. Ooh dit ziet er allemaal zo lekker uit! Helaas ben je er niet meer, maar wel fijn dat je weer je familie, vrienden en vriend ziet! Geniet ervan ;D

  7. My mouth is watering looking at all that food- looks delicious <3


  8. Mmmm nice! :)


  9. I'm oddly enough not the biggest fan of the food in the UK/London so I just go to places like Nando's and Five Guys haha

    Naomi in Wonderland

  10. Everything looks so yummy!

    - Audrey Allure

  11. Massive congrats on your internship babe! It truly sounds like it's been the most wonderful opportunity for you. Makes me happy you've lived your dream for six whole months, and to have conquered a fantasy you had since you were young and made it into a wonderful reality, wow, not many people can say that. Amazing! Even though your time is coming to and end it looks as though you've really lived the London life <3

    I love your round up of food haunts. It all looks so gorgeously delish! I really want to go visit the Cereal Killer Cafe, it looks so awesome if you're after anywhere else to go before you leave LDN.
    I made the mistake of trying to go to The Breakfast Club on a Saturday once so I must return one day soon. And I must check out all the other yummy places you've featured here ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  12. Nice post, thanks for sharing!


  13. Leuke tips!
    Die hou ik zeker in gedachten!

    x Krizia

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  14. I should save your post for later if I ever go to London.

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  15. Stunning post!
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  16. Oooh, yummie! Dat marktje bij Camden heb ik ook gedaan toen ik in april in Londen was. Zelf vond ik Bill's ook nog heel lekker om te ontbijten ^^

  17. looks yummy!!!

  18. I feel the end of your London adventure !!! enjoy the food !!!

  19. Wat ziet het er lekker uit allemaal! Oh en wat hou ik toch veel van Londen ♥

  20. looks delicious! Looking at it I do hungry! :)

  21. yummm!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  22. Amazing photos
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  23. Wow! An internship in London-that's amazing! What a wonderful opportunity. I hope that I can travel abroad there in a couple of years for the London College of Fashion! Yay! Anyway, now you've made me hungry with all of those places :) Will remember if I do go abroad!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  24. Ooh, I love London and all the food looks
    so good.
    Wow, you were interning at Mary Katrantzou? That sounds so awesome. :)


  25. I hope I'm going in September to London and I will remember this post. Thanks for the tips :)