Jeans Revival

11:44 PM Imke 19 Comments

Those who know me well, know I've refused to wear jeans for the past ten years, simply because I always thought I looked fat in them, and didn't feel comfortable at all - they just didn't seem to fit properly and made me feel bad. So for ten years, I only ever wore dresses and skirts and sometimes leggings, and once, a pair of jeggings made it to my closet. But jeans? Never.

Little did I realise that jean can suit me, as I wandered around in Brighton a couple of weeks ago, and found this lovely pair. As I don't know a thing about jeans sizes, I bought them too big, but I simply loved the baggy style, so I it doesn't matter to me. I saw them, and I knew I had to have them. I love to pair them with something feminine like this sheer blouse, or a crop top to compensate the baggyness of the trousers. I'm sure you'll see me wearing this one a lot on here! 

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