A-line + Loubies

4:05 PM Imke 26 Comments

And then finally here it is, my first post featuring my beautiful Louboutin babies! I find nude shoes to go so well with romantic pink looks, so the pairing of this ballerina style A-line dress with my Loubs came naturally. The scarf was thrown in to cover the fact that I have very broad shoulders (see back picture, I blame it on the many years of volleyball) and also the fact that I don't wear a bra. Because bras are just too much during summer, so I try to avoid them as soon as the tempereatures rise too high for me to bear, as happened this week only once in rainy Belgium. These pictures were taken this week before going for dinner with my family, before my beautiful country decided to bring back autumn. Hopefully the weather will get better after this rainy weekend!

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