What to do in London? Best neighbourhoods.

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What I love doing in London is just going to a nice neighbourhood and just wander around, get lost in the streets of the capital, and discover new places to go. I won't recommend this tactique in every London neighbourhood (don't go wandering around Elephant & Castle at night please), but here's the neighbourhoods that are a perfect fit for this discover-the-city-technique!


Hipster paradise and home to the famous Brick Lane is Shoreditch, in the north of London, and very close to where my internship's offices are. With all the typical pubs, coffee places, vintage shops, grafitti walls, high buildings and cool vibe, Shoreditch is a must-visit when you're in the city. 

Make sure to go to Spitalfields Market and get yourself a £1 flowercrown - the owner is so nice and sweet and will help you pick the perfect flower crown and show you the beautiful hairdo's you can do with it. Also cross the road and go to UpMarket, which is fashion paradise for vintage lovers, and also offers quirky crafts by up-and-coming designers, all accompanied by good food! 

But not only during the day I recommend you to go there, because when night falls, Shoreditch becomes even more interesting, with its vibrant nightlife, hip clubs and alternative pubs. Make sure to have a drink or two at the Queen of Hoxton, which has a cool rooftop terrace which gives you a pretty nice view over London.

Notting Hill

Everyone knows the 1999 movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, and the famous blue door, which you can find in the fancy neigbourhood Notting Hill. And let me tell you, it's not the overrated door that will blow you away, because it's the entirety of this area that makes it one of my favourites! The amazing architecture, the pastel coloured houses, blooming cherry trees, classic cars and beautiful Portobello Road on Saturday are more than photogenic. If I had money, I would move here and never leave again. Walk around, get lost, feel poor, and have a Kinder Bueno & Marshmellow Pancake on Portobello Road. Must-visit area!


I don't go southbound that often, but when I do, I go to Chelsea. It's massively expensive, but oh so beautiful. It's not that easy getting there by public transport (closest tube is either South Kensington or Sloane Square but from there it's still quite a walk), but it's defenitely worth the effort! Go shopping at King's Road (more about that in my 'Where to shop' post!), try getting a table at The Ivy Chelsea Garden or just walk around and enjoy being in one of the nicest and safest areas of London.

St John's Wood

Home to the most famous zebra-crossing in the world is the neighbourhood St. John's Wood, where The Beatles crossed the street on Abbey Road for their 1969 world-famous album of the same name. When getting off at St. John's Wood tube stop, just follow the crowd, and go to Abbey Road. Get in line for a picture of you crossing the road, while being honked at by annoyed cab drivers, and after this obligatory tourist photo, just go anywhere and admire the big, beautiful houses. Did you know Paul McCartney lives just around the block? My flatmate showed me his house, and I was completely star-struck.

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  1. Fantastic photos!
    Have a nice evening!
    Natallia Jolliet

  2. Nice post! Love your blog! :) X Minale

  3. Wauw, die pastel huisjes en die zonnebril zijn zo leuk!

  4. Love this post! I'm always so overwhelmed when I head to the capital and in need of some inspiration so I know where to head rather than the usual tourist stops! Thanks for your lovely comment by the way <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  5. I would love to visit London some day...thank you for your tips about neighbourhoods....t was a great idea recommending places to us!


  6. Great shots! It's been years since I visited London and would love to go back and see some of these spots!

  7. I love London!
    Great post and pics <3



  8. Wat een leuke aanbevelingen! Echt naar mijn hart. Ik was vorig jaar nog in Londen. Ik ben niet in shoreditch geweest en nu ik dit lees heb ik zo'n spijt! Het lijkt me een gave buurt.

  9. Great post Imke, you definitely discovered the best of London! X


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  11. Wish I read this before I visited London 4 years ago.. Looks positively lovely AND epic. Thank you very much for sharing!

    I am blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think: www.kellmenow.com

    XO K

  12. Oh, ik ben verliefd op Londen echt! Ik ga in Oktober een weekendje, dus ik ga dit zeker onthouden!

  13. The place looks amazing.
    It's nice to walk around and explore.

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  14. totally love this post!
    would love to remember when i visit london
    style frontier

  15. Omg.. love the shots.. I so want to go to london now..


  16. Great and beautiful shots. You look pretty. :)


  17. ahh zo tof! Zag al wat foto's op Instagram, mooie indruk van Londen!

  18. I've never been to London, but I think it's a wonderful city and your pictures confirm this. I hope one day to visit it. Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog. I'm very happy for you comment.

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  19. This post is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing))