Cropped Coral

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Those who follow me on Instagram probably saw that I spent a week in beautiful Nice early July, and had an amazing time there. Next to Paris, Nice is my favourite city in la douce France, and I enjoyed our stay so much. We also went to Ventimiglia in Italy and gorgeous Monaco as well, of which other blogposts will follow. I got burned (as usual, pale girl 4evah) but got a nice tan as well, and was happy to finally be able to put on my summer wardrobe again! It's been a while, but welcome back, crop tops/tees, shorts, frilly dresses and summer skirts! 

All photos were taken in Nice, of which the garden pictures were taken on top of MAMAC, the museum of modern art there (which is defenitely worth a visit by the way, and free if you're a student), and there's a photo of the amazing view as well. Other were on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice's famous boulevard, with the beautiful sea in the background. 

The cropped tee is from Dresslink, as you might remember from my summer wishlist a few weeks ago, and I found it perfect to combine this tee with my laid-back coral shorts from H&M. A great outfit for a holiday: cropped to make it less hot and sweaty, coral for a good contrast with a tanned skin, and short sleeves to avoid shoulders getting burnt too badly. Click here for the top - I assure you it's a staple piece for the summer, especially if you know it's only $2.75.

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