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First of all, I need to say I'm sorry that I'm too lazy to put on make-up. The way you've seen me on this blog for the past two months, is the way I get out of my bed, and after a wash and combing my hair. No make-up at all, and my skin kind of likes it. It's just that I envy the way some of the fashion bloggers and all of the beauty bloggers can look so beautiful. The only thing I can apply is mascara and lipstick, and even that is quite hard. 

Today, I let my boyfriend pick my outfit, and I like it a lot. And I really like my necklace as well! It suits so many outfits, and I got it from my lovely friend Laura, thank you so much! We didn't do so much today, we went to see my grandpa and played the cards together, which is rather lazy. Maybe that's a good thing, because I haven't been feeling all too well lately, seems like I'm getting ill. I'll go to bed early today, and I'll probably feel much better tomorrow. 

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