London - New York - Paris

11:27 AM Imke 32 Comments

You can't believe how lovely my day was yesterday! My boyfriend is studying for his last resit, so I went to visit him, as you definitely need some relaxing as well. There was a yearly fair going in his town, and as the weather was amazing, we went there for a couple of hours. There was a lot to do, such as grease paint for children (and secretly I wanted that as well), pottery classes, a puppet-show, lots of food, like pancakes, and it closed with a performance of a semi-famous Belgian singer. My fellow Belgian may know him: it was Wim Soutaer and he smiled at me, yay! My boyfriend and I had a lovely, lovely time, and I wish everyday could  be like that. But now I'm back to the real world of working, reading and doing chores. And what do you think of my newest outfit, this is a combo I never wore before, because I simply never thought of is! It's one of my favourite shirts, as the word London is on it, and I love the little studs in it. Oh, and I thought I'd share a photo of me with my hair loose, as you probably never saw that before.

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