Purple & Yellow

11:53 PM Imke 43 Comments

And the weekend is now finally over. Mine was all about working and reading, nothing more, nothing less. How was yours? On Saturday, I woke up, read for a bit, went out for drinks with my boyfriend and his parents, and after that, we went working together, how romantic! His Dad owns the restaurant where we both work, you see, so working is very beautiful for me, even though it was very busy all weekend long. Today I had to work as well, and tomorrow too, so never tell me I'm a lazy-ass. Oh, and regarding my outfit, you would never guess it's summer huh? It rained like crazy today, our garden even flooded! I had to take outfit photos in between two giant rain showers, I really hate the Belgian weather. You have two lovely days, and then a week of rain and storms. And what do you think about this colour combo? My Mum nor my love really liked it, and they're my main advisers, so I'm not quite sure. Please tell me your opinion!

Sweater - Vintage
Skirt - Shana

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