Twirling Around

10:24 PM Imke 36 Comments

When I wear this skirt, I want to twirl around all day long, feeling very much like a girl from Grease. I liked the white and the light shade of blue together, so I went for it. Today was quite a lot cooler than the past few days, so believe it or not, but I was cold! I had a lovely day with my lovely boyfriend, and we had so much fun. I just couldn't stop cuddling, because I don't see him as often as during the school-year, and because summer makes me feel melancholic. We went to eat frozen yogurt together, isn't that lovely? Are you as obsessed with it as I am? I want to try every topping! Today I went for raspberry yoghurt with dried cranberries and strawberry sauce. Delicious, and quite creative if I may say so myself! Mr. Boyfriend went for a natural yogurt with strawberries, safe but good choice.  But enough about food and love, I have to tell you about a certain website I recently discovered. DinoDirect is an amazing online shop with a massive amount of clothes, you can literally find everything you want. You should go check it out for yourself over here and on Facebook over here. Like their Facebook page and you might get free gifts, they told me so themselves  Don't hesitate, it's worth the effort of clicking. I found a cute sweater with kitty-cats on them, and everyone knows how much of a cat person I am, so you can all understand how excited I am about this shop!

Skirt - River Island
Top - H&M

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