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Do you like my combo of two shades of green? I'm into combining different shades of one colour lately, and I decided to pick this green one. 

And before I forget -again- my lovely friend Jolien, who had an amazing beauty blog (check her out!) tagged me with the Liebster Award! I love the questions she came up with, so I'm going to answer them in this post!

1. What was the last dream you dreamt about? Tonight, I dreamed something about having an iPad and being able to play my all-time favourite App, Airport. It's not available for Android, so I can only play it on my love's iPod. And that's my silly dream, haha! 

2. Would you eat raw fish like Gollum (costume included) from LOTR and film it, if I paid you €50? For only fifty euros? NO WAY! For 5000, I'd consider it.

3. The gouvernement votes a law that you can wear only one polish colour for the rest of your life, what colour would it be? Damn, that's a difficult one. I'd go for a simple French manicure. Suits every outfit.

4. Heels, flats or barefoot? Barefoot! At home, I'm always barefooted -yes, now as well- and I'd hit the streets that way if it were acceptable. Can't explain why, I just like it, a lot!

5. Autumn, winter, spring or summer? And why? Summer makes me happy, with its sunshine and free time and the ability to wear my loveliest clothes. You see, I like my summer wardrobe better ;)

6. Who's the man/girl you want/have a freepass for? JUDE LAW! That was a very easy one, haha! 

7. How much do you change your manicure? Depends on the quality of the polish. If it chips fast, I change it as soon as it's no longer pretty to wear.

8. Cocktails or beer? Which brand of beer or name of cocktail do you like the best? Gimme some coctails. I love Cosmopolitan, it makes me feel so glamorous! 

9. Horrormovies, yay or nay? Why? Yay, if it's only blood and murder, like in Scream, but nay if it's something psychic like The Ring. 

10. Do you thinks clowns are creepy? Haha, Jolien! For a fact, I know she has a phobia of clowns, very typical to ask this one. But no, I don't think they're creepy. Only the one in the Phoenix Wright game maybe.

11. Would you move to a foreign country for your career, knowing you have to leave your family and beloved ones? Tricky one... Depends on which country it is, I want to be able to come over whenever I like. My big dream is to work and live in London, and that's not far away at all, so in that case, yes, I'd leave my family and friends. 

Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shirt - H&M

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