Post No. 100

11:59 AM Imke 19 Comments

Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes, you are so sweet! Many more years of blogging may come with lovely readers like you. I love you all! Today is another day of partying, as this is my 100TH post! Such a coincidence that my first anniversary and post number 100 are so close! And not to forget: it's my Grandfather's birthday today! The weather is delightful, so after reading some more in War & Peace by Tolstoj, I'll be off to wish my Granddad a happy birthday and have some cake together. After that I'll be working, just like yesterday. Yesterday was a holiday here in Belgium, so everyone was home, and as I work in a restaurant, it was crazy busy! I actually like that kind of days, only the morning after aches a lot. Tell me about your holiday lovelies! 

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