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Those among you who follow me on Snapchat, might have seen it already, but I'm up for the Kayla Itsines challenge, and started her Bikini Body Guide, which is supposed to give you a Victoria's Secret Angel body in twelve weeks. To be honest, I'm enjoying it! My legs were so sore I couldn't properly walk for three days, but it's the satistying kind of pain, like when you do an hour of cardio and you're all sweaty and red, but you feel so good and satisfied. 

I've been an athletic kind of girl since I was little, and I've been playing volleybal for nearly my entire life. Moving abroad meant leaving my amazing volleybal teammates, which was quite hard to me, and I went from many hours of sports a week to just some sit-ups and push-ups to try to keep in shape. Eventually in Paris I joined another volleybal team, with whom I played every Friday night, and enjoyed it so much, making new friends and toning up again. 

Unfortunately moving to London put my "athletic life" on hold, as I had to adjust to a new city, a new house, and the fact that I now work Mo-Fri 9:30-18:30. The work is very interesting, and I'm so happy and blessed to have the opportunity to do this internship, but the first month, I literally came home and collapsed on the sofa. From a student's life to an office life is tough, I swear you, but now I'm completely adjusted to my new city and new lifestyle, and have taken on sports again. 

For about a month now I've been going to the pool regurarly and can now do 60 laps without stopping, but I'm craving for more - and for a toned summer body. So I decided to take on the Kayla Itsines challenge, and I can recommend it to all of you. It's very consuming but also very satisfying, and bad for my wallet I might add... 

As propably many among you, I love dressing nicely for the gym, with some cool kicks and a few fancy touches, like a silver scrunchie and a mesh sports bra. But it's mainly the shoes I have an obsession with, as a girl can never have enough Nike's, ever. I own three pair of Nike's, but when browsing the lovely webshop EscapeShoes, I discovered even more gorgeous sneakers that are on my wishlist. How about bright blue Air Max? 

Oh yes, nice sneakers motivate me to work out, and work out well. And yes, I swear by Nike shoes, because I had to buy a new pair of trainers every new volleybal season (never work out with worn out shoes, it's so bad for your knees and back), and Nike is quality-wise definitely worth its price, and the fact that their designs are so cute, is a big big bonus! Prejudiced? Maybe a bit, but from my experience, and I've owned lots and lots of shoes, they just offer good shoes with stunning designs. 

But I'm starting to trail off, and this is probably the longest blogpost I've ever written, so let me ask you: any among you who are following the BBG? Or have finished it, and would like to share their experience with it? Maybe any fellow volleybal lovers like me? And let me know, what are your favourite trainers? Nike girl like me, or do you have other brands to recommend to me? Let me know! Now I gotta put those kicks on and do my cardio. I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, as this is the first time I focus on sports only. 

Oh and the title of my post, you're wondering? Well, after the gym, a girls deserves a fine glass of G&T, isn't it? Thought so! 

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