Eastential Temporary Tattoos

6:15 PM Imke 30 Comments

This blog has been taking some beauty-related turns in the past few weeks, and I'm planning on keeping this new turn up. So when I got contacted by Eastential, a London-based girl with her own Etsy shop that sells temporary tattoos, I was enthusiastic at once!  

Personally, I would never want a real tattoo, as I change my mind too often to be happy with one design for my entire life, but I do love the tattoo-related beauty trend that was an instant hit last summer. And luckily, the trend is here to stay, as yet again this summer, metallic temporary jewellery is your way to go. Finally, a catwalk trend we can all afford!

I think these metallic temporary tattoos look so beautiful and unique, and are so much lighter in weight than actual jewels, which is more than welcome during the summer season. I don't know if this is just me, but I don't like jewels in summer, as these are quite heavy and annoying at times, so metallic tattoos are the perfect solution. Plus, they compliment tanned skin incredibly well!

Oh, and did I mention Beyoncé is a fan too? Another (mayor) reason to hop over to Archana's webshop and stack up on your new summer look! 

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