H&M x Balmain

4:58 PM Imke 48 Comments

I'm shamelessly using the H&M x Balmain hype to notify you guys of the fact that I'm currently writing my thesis about the H&M luxury collaborations. You would help me so much by doing the following survey - all help is greatly appreciated! I promise it only takes a few minutes. Only one if you're really fast. Thank you so much!

And to make this post not entirely all about my own needs (which is needing you to fill in my survey, he he), I am genuinely enthusiastic about the H&M x Balmain collaboration. Obviously, as I decided to write my master thesis about masstige, and more in particular the H&M luxury collection case. Not only because this is a very interesting phenomenon in fashion, as this makes luxury more and more accessible for the general public, but also because Balmain is a brand I've always loved. I'm excited to see what genious Olivier Rousteing and affordable fashion favourite H&M will come up with! I'm sure this will be one of the best collections so far. And believe me, I'm an expert by now.

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