MAC Sin Review

8:07 PM Imke 24 Comments

Finally got my hands on a lipstick I've been lusting over for quite some time now: Sin by MAC. A matte finish beauty that adds that little (ok, maybe big) extra to your outfit. I'm in love with this deep dark blue red colour, and the packaging is simply stunning. This lipstick is in the Toledo x MAC collection, by artists Isabel and Ruben Toledo, and when I got this lippie, I immediately wanted to try it on, and so I did! 

The colour is beautiful, the finish is as matte as it can get, and it stays for an entire day, no retouch needed if you eat carefully (I ate bruschetta on a toast wearing this and the lipstick wore off after that). 

This is my second MAC lipstick, so I've got only one other to compare it to. My other lippie is Russian Red, the perfect matte red lipstick, which I wear a lot - I might even need to buy a new one soon as the end of its life is near. (May I add that once, someone actually started talking Russian to me when I was wearing it? Apparently it does make you look Russian).

In comparison to my other matte MAC, I have to admit that Sin is a lot harder to apply. It's as if I have to rush putting it on, because it goes matte & dry so quickly I can't apply it slowly. Also, after lunch, it looks like a very intense ombré lip, as the inner part of the lipstick wears off, but after a retouch, the lippie looks awesome again, and I must admit I love rocking this colour. Pair this lipstick with graphic eyeliner and a LBD, and you're ready to rock. 

Overall, I think this is the perfect addition to my make-up collection, as I've been looking for a colour like this for a long time. Every lipstick seemed either too purple or too brown, both of which don't look too good on me, and this one was right spot on, and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot. It should have been a little less matte, as this one is more of a Ruby-Woo-ish-drying-out-lipstick but the fact that it lasts for many hours makes up for that, and I can recommend this lipstick to all of you!

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