A day in Brighton

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These photos were taken quite some time ago, during the month of June in beautiful seaside city Brighton, just under an hour by train from London. You can get there from London Victoria very quickly and for only £10 return if you book in advance. So if you're visiting the UK's capital and you have a day to spare, Brighton with its famous pier is definitely a must-go!

My Brighton Top 5: 

1. There's this little kiosque on the promenade where you can win Minions related toys & plush only. It was meant to be for me, as I'm cray cray obsessed with the little yellow cuties. Me and my guy won a small unicorn (and yes, it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!), and I defenitely recommend taking a chance on this kiosque! Look for a lot of yellow, and a small little kiosque on the beach and you'll be bound to find it.
2. London's famous Meat Liquor is also to be found in Brighton. Yay for amazing burgers!
3. The Royal Pavillion is defenitely the coolest building of Brighton. It's an exotic royal palace, built for King George IV, and is defenitly worth a visit!
4. What's a trip to the beach without fish & chips? Place to be: The Regency, with an excellent sea-view.
5. And of course: the famous Brighton Pier. You're bound to have a lot of fun at the arcade, try out a few of the attractions, and have some churros or cotton candy while you're at it.

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