Primark Gent Shoplog

8:53 PM Imke 30 Comments

One week ago, Primark Ghent opened its doors, and I must admit, I'm happy to see that the Irish chain is finally in my former student city as well. Yes, I'm aware of all the negative comments the store gets, but I'm sure every chain is about the same, and Zara, beloved by every fashion girl (except for me as I don't fit into the brand made for petite girls), is worse, if I can believe all the horror stories. Overall, I've always been happy with my Primark purchases in the past. And living in London made me a bigger fan, as there's more Primark stores in that one city than in the entirety of Belgium.

Anyway, I went one week after the opening, as I was in London when the store opened, and wanted to avoid a queue in the first few days after. My sister and I arrived around 10 o'clock, and I strongly recommend you not to go later as the crowd gets insane, even on weekdays. We had a nice and quiet shop in a very clean and organised store, and were helped by all friendly staff. I spent only €30, for which I got gorgeous winter boots, a sports bra, jewellery and fake tattoos. Personally, I'm very happy with my purchases and with Primark being there, as this will push more people to go to beautiful Gent, which is strongly neglected in a fashion point of view in my opinion. Long live Gent, and Primark too!

Pointy ankle boots - 19 euros. My favourite purchase by far! I've been looking for new ankle boots for quite some time now, and these are simply perfect, I love the pointy detail, and they fit so well. I think I'll wear them for the Dr. Martens Antwerp Store Opening, as I love the rock-chick vibe these booties give!

Essential for every girl that loves working out: a good sports bra, and the lovely colour combo is pretty cool too! I've been jumping around in this one already, and the support is really good! Price? 5 euros! 

Some jewellry I couldn't leave in-store for the mini price: a short pastel necklace and a cool black ring for €1.50 and €2.50.

And last but not least: some fake tattoos, because I loved the Fatima Hand one a lot, and the dove ones are lovely as well. Haven't tried them yet, but they look quite good for the small price of 2 euros.

Total: 30 euros and a very happy me immediately putting on those boots.

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