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When the lovely Rebecca over at Zaful contacted me and asked whether I was interested in doing an honest product review, I was thrilled. Because you guys, go over there and browse their website: it's full of very cute looks at really afforable prices, and I love the minimalist lay-out of the webshop. 

I decided upon this amazing set, and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Customer service was great; the delivery fairly quick, and I had to sign for the parcel, which always feels safe to me. But when I opened up my parcel, I was quickly deceived, as in my eyes, it didn't look at all like the item I ordered. I decided to be honest with the Zaful team, and told them about my problem, and they were very kind and appreciative about my comment. They told me they would talk about this with their supplier, and thanked me for my honesty and this makes me appreciate the webshop even more. Because I got this for free, I didn't ask for a return, but left it in my closet for some time, thinking about what to do. 

But this week, when going through my clothes, I decided to put it on anyway, and goodness, how I liked this style! I have to warn you, it's quite see-through, but with nude coloured underwear it's perfectly possible. I put on my beloved holographic heels, threw in a satchel, and bam, outfit complete! In the end I'm still a bit deceived about the online / in real life comparison, but overall I love the shape of this outfit, and the customer service over at Zaful was impeccable. 

I think I will pair the skirt with another white crop top, as this top is quite revealing, and the bra pads are too visible to my liking, but in general I think this is a really cute summer look that compliments you very well if you have a tan. Throw in a pair of heels and a coloured bag, and you're all summerproof! 

What do you think about this look? Like/dislike? Make sure to go over at to check out their collection, I'm sure you'll find many things to your liking, and their sales are great! The set I got is even cheaper then when I ordered it a few weeks ago, so for about $12 you'll have a great skirt that's nice and flowy and perfect for the summer, and you can always pair it with another top if you don't like the one that goes with it.

Top & Skirt - Zaful

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