Touch of Pink

11:03 PM Imke 29 Comments


When cleaning up my wardrobe this week, I re-discovered this pink Zara dress I bought in France two years ago. I hesitated between donating it to charity or giving it another chance, and went for the second option. (Also, my sister and I gave three big bags full of clothes to charity, so no judging about me keeping this one for myself).

When the constand downpour stopped here in rainy Belgium, and temperatures rose above 20° again, I decided to go pink once again (I'm not being very original here, am I?) and wear my Chanel-style Zara dress, styled with my pearly pair of Nike Air Force (with bright pink socks in them, of course) and all-pink make-up. Sometimes I feel like a 9 year old girl, but oh well, at least I'm enjoying it.

On a side note: the title of this post comes from the old Lacoste advertisements for their 'A Touch of Pink' perfumes, of which I made an 'amazing' compilation for you guys :D

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