River Island A/W 15

10:42 PM Imke 23 Comments

Upon receiving the press release of the River Island A/W 2015 collection, I fell in love, deeply and immediately. There's sixties vibes, there's a lot of seventies vibes, and the mix is just perfect. Colours are earthy, dusty, but with a touch of unexpected colour and glitter to spice up your Autumn wardrobe.

 A combination of many of my fashion fetishes: cut-out, bejeweled shoes, a long dusty coat and a nice and warm scarf, all in lovely dusty colours with a pastel pink touch. Combined with grey, a combination I'm planning on pairing a lot next season.

Thé biggest trend for Autumn / Winter 2015 is without doubt the seventies trend, and with this gorgeous long camel trench, Céline-inspired midi dress with turtleneck and frilled shoes, I think 70's and 2015 are balanced perfectly.

Winter days can be cold and dull, but with these silver items, you'll get an instant happy vibe. I mean, look at those shoes? My precioussss. There's a reason this blog is called Pastellics: my love for pastel colours is undying, but the other half of my site's name stands for metallic, as I love to add a touch of gold or silver to my wardrobe.

And here's a touch of colour: candy pink and mermaid heels, no words for how much I love these items. I do question whether they fit into a Winter wardrobe, but hey, a girl always needs another pair of shoes, right? In love with the print, and the colour of the skirt is a colour I'm planning on continuing to wear next season.

They never go out of style: midi skirts. Pair any of these with a neat white blouse, button up, and you're all office ready. Pair with a crop top at night, all pretty and fab. Goodness, midi skirts are so versatile, I'll have to get all three seen above, heh.

Do tell me, is this love as infectiously as I expect it to be? What do you think of River Island's new collection?

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