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Everyone knows Havaianas, which are also known as the most comfortable shoes for holidays and the summer season in general. But then again, yes, they're comfortable, but aren't they unfashionable and only worn in public by kids, men with hairy feet and Australians? 

Controversy aside, if any brand can pull it off, it's Brazilian brand Havaianas, basically inventor pf the flip-flop, with the help of fashion blogger Sincerely Jules last summer (2014), when she went to Coachella and only wore Havaianas while living the good life at the world's trendiest festival, and the looks she styled with a bunch of pretty flip-flops were so gorgeous, that I decided that Havaianas are cool, period. 

So when I received the incredibly cute pair of flip flops seen on top and in the bottom of this post (thank you again Making Waves, I love them!) I immediately put them on, and they made that rainy summer day so much better! Bright pink with a colourful palmtree print, what more do you want in a pair of summer shoes? They're so comfy, and the quality is amazing, and wearing other shoes than these cuties has been hard ever since receiving them.

Do you wear Havaianas, and how do you combine them? What's your ultimate summer shoe? And what colour would you go for in a pair of flip-flops? Let me know in the comments!

Pink Havaianas with tropical print - available here
There's free shipping on all products until 31 August, so hurry hurry!

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